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The SePRO Research and Technology laboratories provide rapid, accurate and reliable analysis of aquatic plants, algae, water and sediments.

SeSCRIPT Analysis

Algae & Water Quality Prescription Services

FasTEST Analytical Technology

Rapid & Accurate Water Analysis

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Introducing SYNC, our latest initiative that grants customers the ability to sign into the lab area and other future sections, providing access to exclusive partner-only content.

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Our lab provides quantitative analysis to support water resource management objectives such as:

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Herbicide performance & selectivity

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Algae treatment prescriptions

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Water quality assessment

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Regulatory compliance

Our comprehensive 3 step system is simple: Assess the problem in your waterbody, prescribe the tailored treatment plan, and then restore your waterbody to its original beauty by implementing the most effective solution.

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Step 1: Assessment

Your journey to clean, safe, and enjoyable water starts when you send a water sample to our industry-leading water diagnostic laboratory. It’s there where our team of algal research specialists uses state-of-the-art technology to assess and understand what’s going on below the surface.

From evaluating herbicide effectiveness to ensuring regulatory compliance and quantifying water quality parameters according to EPA analytical methods, our meticulous analysis forms the foundation for tailored solutions. Let us guide you towards a clear and effective path forward.

Step 2: Prescription

Our recommendations go beyond generic solutions for surface-level symptoms. The more comprehensive the assessment, the more targeted we can be in providing a prescription that suits the exact needs of your waterbody.

Our prescriptive solutions are designed to address the current challenges with practical and intentional implementation strategies to deliver results you can see.

Step 3: Implementation

You’re now ready to take action against the aquatic challenges you’re facing. Once we’ve identified and quantified the water quality issues and designed a prescription, implementation of the treatment is made possible

Whether you are a professional lake manager or a do-it-yourself homeowner, we can assist you. If you need a professional, qualified water management company, we can connect you with one of our many Stewards of Water.


SeSCRIPT Analysis, conducted at the SePRO Research and Technology Campus (SRTC) laboratories in Whitakers, NC, provides a comprehensive suite of analytical and treatment prescription services for the assessment and management of both water quality and algae.

SePRO Research and Technology Campus (SRTC)

SePRO Research and Technology Campus (SRTC) laboratories Whitakers, NC

Need help submitting? We've got you covered.

Discover how to fill out and submit SeSCRIPT water quality prescriptions, complete FasTEST collection procedures, and submit NEW online Chain of Custody forms.

Send samples for analysis to:

  • SePRO Research & Technology Campus
  • 16013 Watson Seed Farm Road
  • Whitakers, NC 27891-9114
  • Phone: (252) 437-3282
Effective Immediately

Cooperators shipping plant samples to the SePRO aquatic laboratory in North Carolina MUST include a copy of the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) permit with their shipment. To comply, SePRO will be unable to accept packages containing plants that are not accompanied by this permit.

Please download and print this permit by clicking the button below and enclosing it in your package.
If you have problems opening the attachment, please contact your Aquatic Specialist or the laboratory and we will fax you the permit. Thank you for your cooperation.

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