JC Chong, Ph.D. Joins SePRO

Renowned academic leader to manage technical development.

Carmel, IN, February 8, 2023 – Juang Horng (JC) Chong, a member of the Clemson University faculty, will join SePRO as its new Technical Development Manager. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Chong will be leading SePRO’s ornamental R&D program, with a focus on solving customers’ most frustrating problems.

“SePRO is dedicated to developing high-impact solutions for our industry,” said Kyle Briscoe, SePRO’s Senior Technical Development Manager. “To do this, we begin with strategic recruitment of highly capable professionals that bring with them not only experience but unprecedented vision. There is no one better positioned to inspire SePRO’s R&D efforts than JC Chong.”

Known throughout the turf and ornamental industry for his insect and mite pest management research, Chong completed his graduate training at the University of Georgia and post-doctoral training at the University of Florida. Most recently, Chong served as a Professor and Extension Specialist of turf and ornamental crop entomology at Clemson University. Chong’s broad body of work includes studies surrounding diversity, biology, ecology, pesticide efficacy, and biological control of scale insects, mealybugs, whiteflies, thrips, and mites, to name a few.

“This is a tremendously exciting addition for our SePRO team,” stated John Wendorf, Director, Turf & Ornamental. “There is no doubt that JC’s work has significantly impacted our industry, and I look forward to his contributions here at SePRO.”

In addition to his academic roles, Chong has been published in several industry publications, including his biweekly newsletter, PestTalks, and will continue to be an important voice in ornamental education and solutions.

“Joining the team of SePRO specialists offers me an opportunity to not only expand my horizons but enhance product innovation within our industry,” said Chong. “But this role has impact beyond research and innovation, as it will allow me to support growers as they strive to grow extraordinary plants.”

SePRO's R&D Program Gains New Leadership

Scientific Leader, Dr. Joe Armstrong, Joins SePRO as Director of Research, Regulatory and Innovation

Carmel, IN, April 22, 2022 – With a focus on expanding its pipeline of sustainable technologies, SePRO, industry-leaders in the aquatics, turf, ornamental and specialty agricultural markets, is gaining new leadership. Dr. Joe Armstrong has joined SePRO as the Director of Research, Regulatory, and Innovation to guide its R&D initiatives.

Armstrong earned his Ph.D. in Weed Science from Michigan State University. Armstrong comes to SePRO from Corteva Agriscience, where he served in several capacities, most recently as the Technology Characterization Leader for Discovery Herbicides.

“Dr. Armstrong is a highly accomplished scientific leader with a proven track record in customer-centric problem solving,” said Dr. Tyler Koschnick, President of SePRO Corporation. “His industry experience with a wide diversity of plants and crops will certainly lend an enormous advantage to our research and development priorities. I am eager to watch his vision unfold at SePRO.”

In his new role, Armstrong will explore existing customer needs to provide structure to future R&D strategies, resulting in a robust pipeline of technologies. “SePRO is well known for its innovative solutions,” said Dr. Armstrong. “The opportunity to join this team of scientific thought leaders is extremely exciting. I am looking forward to collaborating with the R&D team to develop solutions that will not only meet the unique and complex needs of our customers but will advance the SePRO mission as well.”

SePRO Adds to Aquatics Team in Florida

SePRO is pleased to welcome Josh McGarry as Aquatic Technical Specialist in Florida. 

Josh will begin his career with SePRO on December 6, 2021, and team with Wendi Nance in south Florida to support aquatic customers throughout the state. Fourteen years ago, Josh began his aquatics career in Florida conducting applications and writing prescriptions as a pond and lake management technician. Josh most recently served as a regional manager focused on advocacy, stakeholder collaboration, technical sales support of aquatic plant, algae, water quality and wetland management programs.

“Josh’s experience in Florida and passion for aquatics will provide our customers a valuable resource in advancing their management programs”, said Todd Horton, South Region Team Leader. Josh and his family reside in the Tampa area and enjoy hiking, fishing, and kayaking in Florida’s beautiful natural resources.

Josh McGarry
Technical Specialist, Aquatics
Parrish, Florida

Restore and Protect Water Quality with Novel Technology from SePRO

Carmel, IN, April 22, 2021 - SePRO has launched a novel technology to drastically improve watershed management. EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology is a simple yet highly effective solution that rapidly intercepts phosphorus pollution to quickly restore water quality.

Water resources across the country are being devastated by eutrophication as a result of phosphorus pollution. Eutrophication is caused by excess levels of nitrogen and phosphorous in the water, leading to harmful algal blooms (HABs) that can put entire aquatic ecosystems at risk. Many HABs produce toxins that threaten the health of humans, pets, wildlife, and local economies.

Watershed management is an essential part of water quality restoration in surface water. However, controlling the continuous inputs of nutrients into water bodies can be difficult and expensive. EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology is designed to be a simple solution for intercepting excess phosphorus from moving water. EutroSORB filters have a high affinity and capacity for phosphorus and immediately begin working once deployed in a water resource.

“We are thrilled about EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology and the future of water quality management at SePRO. This novel technology will provide water resource managers an efficient and economical solution to reduce phosphorus inputs, stop eutrophication, and protect water quality. Additionally, EutroSORB and Phoslock® Phosphorus Locking Technology will complement each other very well by allowing us to provide comprehensive management solutions for both external and internal phosphorus,” said Mike Pearce, SePRO Portfolio Leader for Algae & Water Quality.

To learn more about EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist or visit https://eutrosorb.com/

SePRO Welcomes New Ornamental Technical Specialist in the Northeast

SePRO is pleased to welcome Jack Edwards as our new Ornamental Technical Specialist for the Eastern part of the United States. Jack began his career with SePRO on January 4, 2021, and will support our ornamental customers in the states of IN, MI, OH, PA, WV, VA, MD, DE, NY, CT, NH, RI, MA, VT, and ME. 

Jack is a recent graduate of Purdue University where he obtained his degree in Agribusiness with a minor in Biochemistry. “Jack’s education, people skills, and his ‘can do’ attitude are a welcome addition to the Ornamental Team,” Said Dennis Bunkley, National Sales Manager. 

Jack is a native Hoosier who enjoys fishing and spending time with his family, girlfriend, and his three dogs.  You can reach Jack via email at jacke@sepro.com or on his mobile at 317-617-3175.

With an eye on growth, SePRO expands leadership team

Industry Trailblazer, John Wendorf, Joins SePRO as Turf & Ornamental Director

Carmel, IN, December 7, 2020 – Advancing product and technology innovations is just one of several goals for SePRO’s expanding Turf & Ornamental team, to be led by industry trailblazer, John Wendorf. Mr. Wendorf comes to SePRO with almost 30 years of Turf & Ornamental industry experience.

“SePRO is passionate about our leadership role in the Turf & Ornamental industry. As a result, we are highly invested in expanding our team to proactively advance innovation and enhance customer engagement. John’s distinctive industry vision and approach with customers has earned him a tremendous amount of respect. This type of leadership will significantly enhance SePRO’s ability to deliver unprecedented solutions for our customers and the communities in which they serve,” said Tyler Koschnick, president of SePRO.

In his role as director, John will focus on elevating SePRO’s pace of innovation, with a strong emphasis on technical efficacy, operational efficiencies, and social and environmental responsibility. While developing future-focused strategies for growth will be central to Wendorf’s role with SePRO, building a strong, thriving team will be of equal importance. “I was very impressed with the quality of the leadership team at SePRO. Secondly, SePRO is making a significant investment in the T&O industry in both people and solutions. This is an opportunity to bring new and exciting technology to the industry with a team of outstanding professionals,” said Wendorf.

At the heart of SePRO’s strategic approach to growth in the Turf & Ornamental category is a commitment to building an impressive team. According to Adam Hemmings, SePRO’s vice president of human resources, Wendorf was a natural choice for the growing business. “As an industry leader, SePRO is committed to recruiting highly respected thought leaders. John certainly has experience and a proven track record in leading teams but it’s his ongoing dedication to the Turf & Ornamental industry that I find most exciting. I feel his passion and expertise naturally align with the core values of SePRO and I look forward to his contributions,” said Hemmings.

Wendorf earned his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University. He has been a member of the communications committee for RISE since 2017 and is also a current member of the FFA’s National Floriculture Committee.

Immediately detoxify water bodies impacted by nutrient pollution, harmful algal blooms, and cyanotoxins.

Carmel, IN - November 16, 2020 - Phosphorus pollution and harmful algal blooms (HABs) are devastating our nation’s water resources. Many HABs produce toxins that threaten the health of humans, pets, and wildlife. In addition to these risks, economic damages related to these water impairments include the loss of recreational activities, decreased property values, lost tourism, and increased cost of drinking-water treatment. EutroPHIX, a team of dedicated experts, has been established to provide stakeholders a renewed approach to accelerate the restoration of our nation’s lakes and reservoirs. “Why wait for decades to enjoy your water body? EutroPHIX provides guidance and proven strategies to rapidly restore water quality, so people can enjoy water now,” said Mike Pearce, EutroPHIX Market Development Leader.

When it comes to water quality restoration, watershed management is a necessary component to minimize the continued input of nutrients to water bodies. However, an often missing and essential component of successful water quality restoration is proactive in-lake management to detoxify impaired water bodies. In conjunction with stakeholder input, EutroPHIX utilizes a proven system to assess site conditions, develop a tailored prescription, and implement effective actions to accelerate water quality restoration.

“EutroPHIX provides water resource managers an immediate step forward to start the restoration of impaired waters today and for years to come,” said Scott Shuler, EutroPHIX National Manager. To learn more about the restoration process, contact us at 844-HAB-PHIX or info@eutrophix.com

About EutroPHIX
EutroPHIX, a Division of SePRO Corporation, is dedicated to ‘Accelerating Water Resource Restoration’ by mitigating nutrient pollution and managing Harmful Algal Blooms. With over 27 years of experience in water resource management, our team of professionals and scientists are ready to help you accelerate the restoration of your water quality today. https://EutroPHIX.com

Industry leaders join forces to battle toxic algae, invasive aquatic weeds and phosphorus pollution.

Carmel, IN, October 2, 2020 - SePRO Corporation, an aquatics industry leader, has reached an agreement to acquire Applied Biochemists® and Marine Biochemists®, innovators in surface water management, and other select business assets from Innovative Water Care, LLC d/b/a Sigura, effective immediately.

In a statement released today, SePRO president Tyler Koschnick, Ph.D., confirmed the new partnership. “We are excited to join forces with a great team to offer expanded technologies and technical services to protect, preserve, and restore surface water resources,” said Koschnick.

The acquisition allows SePRO to tap into a new set of resources, to accelerate continued innovation and customer engagement. “Every day we read headlines about beaches being closed, phosphorus pollution in lakes, invasive weeds, and toxic algae destroying our ability to enjoy our water resources. By providing expanded problem-solving products and services to the market, we will be able to offer customers unsurpassed technical support and solutions for aquatic weed, algae, and water quality management in North America as well as internationally,” said Koschnick.

This alliance enhances a dedicated team of aquatic experts, forming the most dynamic aquatic-management organization in the country. “Customers familiar with each of these organizations can continue to depend on the innovative solutions, technical support, and product brands (e.g. Cutrine-Plus,® Aquashade,® ProcellaCOR,® Phoslock,® and Sonar®) they’ve come to trust,” said Sam Barrick, SePRO’s vice president of marketing. “In addition, we are excited about new aquatic technology that our research team has developed under our Procella Innovation Platform with several of the new products being introduced later this year,” said Barrick.

Since its founding in 1994, privately held SePRO has become a world-class provider of aquatic solutions. The company has continually sought unique growth opportunities: In 2019, SePRO announced a strategic partnership with private equity firm Excellere Partners. The partnership created an unprecedented opportunity for SePRO to expand its products and services. “We partnered with the SePRO management team to build upon the organization’s strong reputation for offering its customers innovative solutions in sensitive environments. This represents an ideal first acquisition and the perfect strategic fit for the Company. We are excited to see these industry leaders together and to continue supporting SePRO in future strategic investments,” said Patrick O’Keefe, partner at Excellere Partners.

As these companies unite, they will be able to more effectively support customers and react to new challenges facing America’s surface-water resources for years to come. Anyone with interest in how to eliminate toxic algae, invasive aquatic weeds, or remove phosphorus pollution from water go to SePRO.com to get connected with a professional guide.

About SePRO Corporation
SePRO Corporation is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions. SePRO’s mission is to provide plant protection and plant management products and services that satisfy the unique needs of their customers. In addition, SePRO has partnered with several of the top agriculture chemical companies to develop chemistries for use in SePRO’s key markets. Central to that product innovation is the 410-acre SePRO Research & Technology Campus (SRTC) in Whitakers, NC.  For more information about SePRO, please visit us at https://www.sepro.com

About Sigura
Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Sigura is a leading provider of innovative water treatment solutions. Sigura maintains six production facilities throughout North America, South America, Europe, and South Africa with 1000 employees located in all major regions of the world. Sigura features top consumer brands in the residential and commercial pool care markets as well as in the industrial and municipal water markets. Sigura’s key brands include HTH,® Pulsar,® poolife,® GLB,® Leisure Time,® Baquacil,® BaquaSpa,® Constant Chlor,® Hypocal,® and more. For more information about Sigura, please visit us at https://www.sigurawater.com

HTH®, Pulsar®, poolife®, GLB®, Applied Biochemists®, Leisure Time®, Baquacil®, BaquaSpa®, Constant Chlor®, Hypocal® are registered trademarks of Innovative Water Care, LLC. ProcellaCOR and Sonar are registered trademarks of SePRO Corporation. Phoslock is a registered trademark of Phoslock Environmental Technologies.

SePRO is pleased to welcome Cory Smith as Technical Specialist, Aquatics in the Mid-South

We welcome Cory Smith as our new Aquatic Technical Specialist for the Mid-South. Cory starts his career with SePRO on September 15, 2020, in support of customers and water resource management programs in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Cory brings 20 years of experience as a technician, project lead, and manager of aquatic resource and business management programs. He started his aquatic career in Texas working for a lake management company and most recently led sales and marketing for a hunting and fishing accessories business. His passion remains aquatics and he looks forward to helping customers do what he has done his whole life, protect, preserve, and restore water.

“Cory’s regional knowledge, expertise in aquatics, business skills, and positive attitude will provide our customers a valuable resource in advancing their management programs”, said Shaun Hyde, Director of Aquatics at SePRO. Cory is a native Texan who enjoys fishing, hunting, wildlife photography, and spending time with family and friends.

Cory's contact information:

Cory Smith
Technical Specialist, Aquatics
Bullard, TX
M: 903-571-6622
E: corys@sepro.com

SePRO Corporation Positions for Next Phase of Growth

Carmel, IN – SePRO Corporation has established itself as an innovator of specialty products and services in the aquatics; turf, landscape, and ornamental (TL&O); and specialty segments of the Agrichemical industry. Since its founding in 1994, this privately-held company has been built on the vision and expertise of its Founder, President, and CEO — William (Bill) H. Culpepper. Mr. Culpepper has guided SePRO into the leadership position within the aquatics sector and established a growing presence in each of its other markets. Along the way, SePRO has attracted exceptional talent that has taken Bill’s vision across the country.

Today, SePRO is announcing that Bill Culpepper is transitioning to Chairman of SePRO’s Board of Directors allowing him to focus on the strategic growth of the company and advocacy for the industry he has been part of for the past 54 years. Culpepper says “It has been very rewarding to start SePRO, and I am proud of our team’s accomplishments over the past 26 years. SePRO is well-positioned for growth, and this transition occurs at a good time as we are developing opportunities that we believe will accelerate the growth of our business. We have a leadership team in place that can manage the business through this anticipated advancement.

Effective August 1, Tyler Koschnick, Ph.D. will become SePRO’s President and will lead the Company through its next strategic evolution. Dr. Koschnick has spent almost 19 years with SePRO. After beginning his career at SePRO as a research intern and quickly advancing into its sales organization, he acquired his Ph.D. from The University of Florida, Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, and returned to SePRO. Since his return, Dr. Koschnick has been in several leadership roles, most recently as Vice President, Sales and Research. He has also been active in the industry serving on various Boards of Directors and is a past President of the Aquatic Plant Management Society as well as the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation.

“SePRO was built around environmental stewardship, industry leadership, and innovation, and has a long history of partnering with clients to solve their most pressing challenges. We look forward to building upon our solid foundation established by Bill Culpepper with continued dedication to innovation, providing quality products and the highest level of technical support,” said Dr. Koschnick. “I am honored to lead the organization and excited about our future. I look forward to working with Bill, the Board of Directors, and the management team in this new capacity.”

Additionally, Michael Puckett will assume executive leadership of the company’s supply chain and manufacturing operations and has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. After consulting for the company for several years as a key financial adviser, Michael joined SePRO in 2003 and was appointed as the company’s CFO soon thereafter. Mr. Puckett will be responsible for the continued operational excellence of the company while driving business intelligence throughout the organization. Sam Barrick will continue to lead the marketing efforts as Vice President of Marketing. He has worked in the Agrichemical industry for over 31 years, 17 of which have been with SePRO, and is responsible for developing and sustaining SePRO’s market presence across all segments. SePRO’s human capital and technical expertise have been hallmarks of the company’s solution offering. Accordingly, the company recently hired Adam Hemmings to serve as Vice President, Human Resources to continue building upon and developing SePRO’s exceptional team of professionals.

These announcements follow SePRO taking on Excellere Partners as its strategic growth partner in 2019. Along with the investments in the Company’s organizational structure, SePRO, with the support of Excellere, will continue to aggressively pursue strong organic growth while seeking complementary partnership opportunities, including acquisitions. “SePRO’s established market position within aquatics and emerging product leadership in other segments position the Company to capitalize on the need for innovative products across its three segments. This is only possible because of Bill Culpepper’s extraordinary vision to include building an executive team to continue the fulfillment of what he started over 25 years ago. Excellere is elated to continue partnering with Bill as Chairman as we all support Tyler, Mike, Sam, and Adam through the next phase of the Company’s growth.” said Patrick O’Keefe, Partner at Excellere Partners.

SePRO Welcomes Troy Coker as our Turf, Landscape & Ornamental Technical Specialist in the Great Lakes Territory

Please welcome Troy Coker to SePRO as the new Technical Specialist for Turf, Landscape & Ornamental in the Great Lakes Territory (IN, KY, OH, MI).
Troy comes to SePRO with many years of experience having served as a Golf Course Superintendent as well as sales roles with both distribution and manufacturing. We look forward to having him on board to help support SePRO’s valuable customers and expand our business in the Great Lakes Territory.
You can reach Troy on his mobile number at 317-495-8861 or by email at troyc@sepro.com. Please welcome Troy to the SePRO Team!

SePRO Welcomes New Turf and Landscape Technical Specialist

Please welcome Scott Todd, our new Turf and Landscape Technical Specialist. Scott will be covering the state of Florida.

Scott is a native Floridian and graduate of the University of Florida with B.S. in Horticulture Science.  Scott is a proven industry professional with 19 years of experience as a research technician, farm supervisor, grower specialist and sales manager in the Southeastern US. 

We are excited to have Scott join the SePRO team.  His expertise and passion for problem solving will provide our customers a valuable resource to advance their management programs.  Scott looks forward to serving the turf and landscape markets in Florida.  You can reach him on his mobile, 386-281-9964 or by email at scottt@sepro.com.

SePRO announces promotion of Dr. Mark Heilman to Director of Aquatic Research

For his successful efforts to lead the discovery and implementation of innovative technology and methods for aquatic plant management, SePRO Corporation announces the promotion of Dr. Mark Heilman to Director of Aquatic Research.

In his almost 20-year career with SePRO, Dr. Heilman has helped identify, develop, and register multiple new aquatic technologies. He was instrumental in the development of ProcellaCOR®, the newest and most advanced technology for invasive aquatic plant management. Prior to that, he led research efforts on Galleon® and innovative formulations of Sonar®. He has also provided technical support to numerous federal, state, and local public agencies and their management of invasive aquatic vegetation. Dr. Heilman has assisted hydrilla management, eradication and/or containment in complex sensitive freshwater systems around the country. Through collaborative published research and documentation of management outcomes, Dr. Heilman has also improved small and large-scale control strategies for invasive Eurasian and hybrid watermilfoil. Additionally, he has partnered with international scientists to investigate potential new management methods.

He is a past President of the Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society (NEAPMS) and current President of the national Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS). Dr. Heilman previously received awards for his research and technical contributions from both Societies.

“SePRO has a unique commitment to providing innovative solutions and technical stewardship of its products. I look forward to working with a great research team and other University and government scientists in developing additional novel strategies and methods for invasive species and harmful algae management,” says Dr. Mark Heilman.

“SePRO continues to invest significantly in the development of technologies for lake and pond management under its Procella Water Resource Solutions discovery platform,” said Dr. Tyler Koschnick, Vice President of Sales and Research. “We look forward to the impact of Mark’s leadership on our technical advancement as we focus on developing and introducing several new aquatic technologies in the coming years”.

SePRO Corporation to Market Isagro’s Bio-Tam® 2.0 in the US

SePRO Corporation and Isagro S.p.A., are pleased to announce an agreement under which SePRO will market the Isagro Trichoderma based biofungicide to agricultural crop markets across the United States.  

Bio-Tam® 2.0 is part of the next generation of biofungicides with a proven combination of two species of beneficial Trichoderma fungi.  Bio-Tam 2.0, formulated as a wettable powder, is used in the management of soilborne diseases including the following: Fusarium spp., Phytophthora spp., Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Sclerotinia spp., Sclerotium rolfsii, Thielaviopsis basicola, and Verticillium spp., as well as Armillaria spp. and Rosellinia spp.  

Bio-Tam 2.0 is currently labeled for use on numerous row crops, vegetables including brassicas, cucurbits, fruiting and leafy vegetables, and a host of berry and tree crops.  It is an effective tool to reduce the stress of disease infections associated with many soil-borne pathogens.  Bio-Tam 2.0 aggressively colonizes the crop roots and surrounding soil.  It acts as a protectant, forming a barrier that is antagonistic to disease infection.  Bio-Tam 2.0 also attacks the pathogen cell walls with enzymes that actively inhibit disease infection.

SePRO currently markets the same Trichoderma based biofungicide into the Turf, Ornamental and Greenhouse markets under the Obtego® brand.  “We are extremely excited about bringing this technology into the Specialty Agriculture market,” says Sam Barrick, Vice President of Marketing for SePRO.  “Our customers are seeing outstanding results in Ornamental applications, and you can feel the momentum building behind Obtego.  We intend to utilize our experiences there to springboard into other arenas.  Granted the markets are distinctly different, but the performance of this technology is some of the best in the industry and translates well across all segments”.

In addition to its below-ground activity, Bio-Tam 2.0 has demonstrated activity against the Esca complex of grapevine wood diseases, particularly Phaeomoniella spp.  By colonizing the pruning wounds, Bio-Tam 2.0 forms a shield that prevents pathogenic fungi from spreading within the plant following pruning.  “We see Bio-Tam 2.0 becoming a valuable tool for vineyards up and down the west coast,” says Dave Owens, Business Development Leader for SePRO.  “This will be SePRO’s first entry into Specialty Agriculture markets, with several more products to quickly follow in the next few years.  Growers will certainly hear more from SePRO in the coming months.”

About SePRO Corporation

SePRO Corporation is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions. Founded in 1994, SePRO’s mission is to provide plant protection and plant management products and services that fit specialized market needs. The company acquires, develops, manufactures, and markets value-added products and services that satisfy the unique needs of their customers. In addition, SePRO has partnered with several of the top agriculture chemical companies to develop chemistries for use in SePRO’s key markets. Central to that product innovation is the 410-acre SePRO Research & Technology Campus (SRTC) in Whitakers, NC.

About Isagro S.p.A.

Isagro S.p.A. is an independent company from 1993 listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since. Today Isagro leads a Group operating in research, development, production, and distribution of agro pharmaceutical (the products for the protection and development of crops) with sales in 80 countries amounting around € 150 million (of which 4/5 outside Italy) and around 650 employees worldwide. Isagro is based on the Innovative Research of new molecules, carried out in its Research Center of Novara, and invests in R, I&D activities around 10% of annual turnover. The Group has 5 manufacturing sites (4 in Italy and 1 in India) and distributes directly its products in some selected markets, developing at the same time local presences for marketing and regulatory support.

SePRO Corporation announces a strategic partnership with Excellere Partners

Carmel, IN, Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – Bill Culpepper, President & CEO of SePRO Corporation announced today that Excellere Partners, a private equity firm focused on partnering with entrepreneurs and management teams, has made a strategic investment in SePRO Corporation.

Patrick O’Keefe, Partner at Excellere Partners stated, “Excellere was in search of partnership opportunities in the agricultural and water segments of the specialty chemicals industry that offer a solution comprised of high-performance products and proprietary technical services – SePRO fits these criteria perfectly. Founder Bill Culpepper is a recognized leader in the industry and has built a strong management team with a shared commitment to offering customers the most effective solutions in the market. As a result, SePRO is poised to continue its strong organic growth while also leveraging Excellere’s resources to pursue partnership opportunities and acquisitions in the industry.”

Over the past 25 years, SePRO has established itself as an innovator of specialty products and services that satisfy the unique needs of its customers. The company offers products that manage invasive weeds and algae in aquatic environments, plant growth regulators, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides for the turf and greenhouse markets, as well as herbicides for the specialty agriculture markets. SePRO has a robust pipeline of new products in development including multiple novel biologic solutions.

Bill Culpepper said, “An exciting opportunity exists for SePRO to create additional value to customers across the markets we serve by expanding the breadth and depth of our products and services. It is clear to us that Excellere supports SePRO’s commitment to solving its customer’s most complex challenges. SePRO anticipates the Excellere partnership will enable the successful next phase of the company’s growth.”
Since its beginning, SePRO has invested to create research, manufacturing and marketing capabilities to serve its customers. The partnership with Excellere will provide resources to enhance and accelerate the company’s growth opportunities. SePRO and Excellere intend to implement a multi-faceted growth strategy comprised of investments that further enhance SePRO’s infrastructure; continued penetration of its existing products; commercialization of a pipeline of new technologies; and complementary partnerships with other leading agricultural and water-focused specialty chemical businesses.

About SePRO Corporation 
SePRO Corporation is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions. Founded in 1994, SePRO’s mission is to provide plant protection and plant management products and services that fit specialized market needs. The company acquires, develops, manufactures, and markets value-added products and services that satisfy the unique needs of their customers. In addition, SePRO has partnered with several of the top agriculture chemical companies to develop chemistries for use in SePRO’s key markets. Central to that product innovation is the 410-acre SePRO Research & Technology Campus (SRTC) in Whitakers, NC.

About Excellere Partners
Excellere Partners is a Denver-based private equity firm with $1.36 billion of committed capital across Fund I, Fund II and Fund III, specializing in partnering with entrepreneurs and management teams. The firm employs a proven research-driven, top-down investment strategy, and supports its entrepreneurs and management teams with a proprietary value creation process designed to enhance corporate and operational infrastructure for scalability and growth. Excellere’s investments are focused on differentiated and growth-oriented companies positioned to benefit from industry consolidation and favorable macro-economic and demographic trends. Excellere’s targeted industry sectors include industrial technology and specialty chemicals; healthcare services and products; energy, power, and infrastructure services and products; and business services.  For more information about Excellere, please visit https://www.excellerepartners.com

SePRO Welcomes New Technical Specialist

SePRO extends a warm welcome to Ryan Van Goethem as the Technical Specialist for the Great Plains & Mountain Territory, covering the Aquatics and Turf & Landscape markets.

Ryan has recently completed his MS in Biology at Michigan Technological University. His research focused on the Effects of Invasive Macrophytes on Littoral Primary Producers in North-Temperate Lakes. In addition, Ryan has worked for many years at his father’s lake management business located in Michigan. This experience provided an extensive exposure to operational treatments of lakes and ponds and, coupled with his education, positions him for an impactful and rapid start at SePRO.

Ryan's first day was October 16th and he will be relocating to the Denver, Colorado area by the end of October.

You can reach Ryan at his mobile, 303-229-9622 or by email at ryanv@sepro.com.  Please welcome Ryan to the SePRO Team.

SePRO Adds a Business Development Leader to the Marketing and Sales Team

SePRO is excited to announce the addition of David Owens to the marketing and sales team. Mr. Owens will be responsible for SePRO’s business development strategy, with focus on the specialty crops segment and will also serve as a National Accounts Executive.

David is a seasoned veteran of the agriculture industry, with over 34 years of experience at Corteva (formerly Dow AgroSciences). David brings a broad range of experiences including all aspects of marketing, direct line workforce management, IT/IS and Six Sigma process improvement.   

David resides in Carmel with his wife Karen. They have three children, Megan, Kaitlin, Sean and 2 grandchildren, Sawyer and Tucker. David loves anything that gets him outdoors and enjoys fine-tuning his culinary skills.

Hachi-Hachi® SC Insecticide is Now Registered for Use in California

California Growers now have a superior new tool to control thrips, aphids, mealybugs, scales, lepidopteran insects, and more.

Hachi-Hachi SC is active on all life stages of targeted insects; eggs, immature stages, and adults. Hachi-Hachi SC stops insects from feeding and oviposition within hours of application.

“Hachi-Hachi SC is driven by a unique technology that offers broad-spectrum control of insect pests while providing a resistance management tool,” states Mark Brotherton, Portfolio Leader for SePRO Corporation. “It’s immediate stop-feed action halts insect pests from further damaging crops.”

Hachi-Hachi SC contains the active ingredient tolfenpyrad, a new chemistry for California growers. Hachi-Hachi SC acts by inhibiting cellular respiration in insects. Research has demonstrated Hachi-Hachi SC to be highly effective in control insect pests such as thrips, aphids, mealybugs, scales, lepidopteran insects and added suppression of whiteflies, powdery mildew and downy mildew. The formulation is very easy to use and has excellent crop safety on labeled crops.

SePRO announces USEPA approval of ProcellaCOR™ Aquatic Herbicide.

SePRO Corporation announces today the United States Federal registration of ProcellaCOR—a novel, game-changing technology for aquatic plant management.

ProcellaCOR is a new, advanced tool for selective, systemic control of major invasive aquatic weeds including hydrilla, Eurasian and hybrid watermilfoils, crested floating heart, water hyacinth, and many more. ProcellaCOR’s approval marks a number of major firsts for the management of exotic and nuisance aquatic vegetation:

  • The first brand-new herbicide active to receive approval of aquatic use in its initial USEPA registration in 32 years (Sonar® being the last);
  • The only short-exposure, systemic herbicide mode of action for hydrilla;
  • The first US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Reduced Risk designation for a short-exposure herbicide for spot and partial in-water treatments of submersed weeds; and
  • The first non-copper herbicide for localized treatments without any restriction on human potable water consumption following application.

In conclusion, EPA describes that there are ‘no risks of concern to human health from any route of exposure’ and ProcellaCOR ‘may provide a better alternative to older chemistries that require higher levels of risk mitigation practices in order to reduce exposure.’ With an excellent environmental profile, EPA describes ‘no risk concerns for non-target wildlife.’ With low use rates due to unprecedented activity on major invasive aquatic plants, ProcellaCOR will reduce needed herbicide rates by orders of magnitude versus alternate, older technologies.

SePRO’s President and CEO Bill Culpepper: “We are excited to offer ProcellaCOR as a new tool for aquatic plant management. Its development and successful registration reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership in the aquatic market, and I am proud of our team’s successful efforts to register this technology.”

Vice President of Research and Sales, Dr. Tyler Koschnick: “ProcellaCOR is a leap in technology for aquatic plant management. Its registration is due to the hard work and creativity of a great team and effective partnership with industry, government, and university collaborators. ProcellaCOR is the first of a planned series of major aquatic solutions in development under SePRO’s Procella Water Resource Solutions platform and we are energized by ProcellaCOR’s approval to continue research on these other prospective advanced technologies.”

Senior Aquatic Technology Leader, Dr. Mark Heilman: “The successful development and registration of ProcellaCOR is a major milestone derived from SePRO’s strong investment in developing new technology for aquatic resource management. Along with the entire SePRO team, I look forward to the next phase of supporting certified Stewards of Water management professionals and public agency partners in operational adoption of ProcellaCOR.”

Great News for Cotton Farmers - A New MOA to Stop Pigweed

Cotton farmers will now have a new preemergence herbicide and class of chemistry in the fight against resistant weeds.  On February 11th the US EPA registered Brake® Herbicides for cotton.  Brake offers exceptional cotton tolerance with extended residual weed control allowing farmers to get their cotton off to a great start and maximize yield potential.

It is estimated over 9 million acres of cotton will be planted in 2016.  Many of those acres have experienced challenges with resistant weeds like Palmer amaranth (Palmer pigweed).  This is a significant threat to production when just one pigweed plant in 60 feet of cotton row has been shown to reduce yield by up to 30%.  This challenge facing growers was the stimulus for USDA seeking SePRO’s interest in developing Brake for cotton, as it represented a much needed new mode of action.  Brake has been developed over the last 4 years in conjunction with the National Cotton Council, Cotton Incorporated, over 25 university researchers, industry experts and growers.

Brake comes at a perfect time, when growers are looking for additional tools to strengthen resistant weed management programs.  It offers a strong residual herbicide that provides the foundation for comprehensive weed control programs, regardless of traits.  Brake provides very good control of herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth, along with many other broadleaf weeds and grasses.  This versatile herbicide excels under wet conditions providing assurance when it is too wet to get back in the fields for timely postemergence herbicide applications.   

“Having the opportunity to develop Brake alongside the grower community has been invaluable for this new class of chemistry for cotton,” said Bill Culpepper, CEO SePRO Corporation.  To learn more about the Brake story and the experiences of researchers and growers, go to brake.sepro.com.