Product Overview

Stingray Aquatic Herbicide is a contact herbicide that provides fast-acting control of susceptible floating, emerged and submersed weed species. Stingray may be used alone or in combination with other aquatic herbicides to provide effective control of the following: water hyacinth, water lettuce, giant salvinia, common salvinia, duckweed, watermeal, flowering rush, creeping water primrose, milfoil species, coontail and other susceptible species. Stingray carries a “Caution” Signal Word with minimal water use restrictions (see label for restrictions).

Stingray in combination with Sonar Genesis® and Nautique® Aquatic Herbicide produces fast-acting systemic control on both duckweed and watermeal. Visual control of plants occurs in 3 - 7 days followed by long-term system control from Sonar Genesis. Spray tank-mix should be applied as a broadcast application over the treatment area.

Stingray Herbicide plus SonarGenesis on duckweed 2 DAT (left) and 7 DAT (right)

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