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What are algae? How can you spot critical differences between beneficial and harmful species? And most importantly, how can you get rid of nuisance algae that could be hazardous to your health?

In the Algae Corner series, Dr. West Bishop answers these questions and more, with hands-on demonstrations and a look under the microscope.

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Algae Corner: SePRO Solutions for Algae Control

Looking to get rid of algae in your pond and restore your water quality? Learn more about the solutions that make it possible.

Horsehair Algae Thumb

Algae Corner: This "Horsehair" Species Can Make Your Pond Unusable

Today we'll be talking about Pithophora: how to identify it, why it's so difficult to control, and examples of success in managing it.

Dr West Bishop With Lyngbya Wollei

Algae Corner: My Wife Hates This "Blue-Green Godzilla" Algae!

Lyngbya's thick, dark mats are incredibly tough to control. Today we'll cover the many toxins it can produce, the smell (the reason my wife hates it!), and how SePRO can help control this nuisance species. Also known as Microseira, we have many industry-leading technologies to eliminate Lyngbya from your lake or pond.

02 Bryozoan Close Up

Algae Corner: What are these Alien Brains?

Today we'll be talking about a colonial, filter-feeding invertebrate animal that can be a sign of good water quality!

02 Cladophora In Field Mats

Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - The Botulism Bird Killer, Cladophora

If you've seen cottony, filamentous, green algae forming dense mats in your pond, it may be cladophora. We'll show you how to identify it, why it can be so deadly to birds, and what can be done to eliminate it.

Keep Getting Algae Thumb

Algae Corner Fan Letter: How Come I Keep Getting Algae?

Algae can be very stubborn and difficult to control over the long term. In today's episode, we'll investigate the methods they use to survive and thrive, and how to address the underlying cause.

Chara Thumb

Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Chara / Muskgrass

On this episode of "Algae Corner," we're talking about the muskgrass called Chara. One of the best diagnostic clues is its smell - commonly described as garlicky or skunk-like.

Nostoc Thumb

Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Witch's Jelly / Nostoc

Today we're talking about Witch's Jelly, also known as Nostoc. It has a lot of other nicknames, too: Star Jelly, Star Spittle, Troll's Butter, and Witch's Butter, to name a few. It's used as an ingredient in some cuisines, but should you eat it?

Blues Thumb

Aquashade Mini-Series: Give Your Algae the Blues

Imagine if you weren’t able to get your energy source, if you couldn’t eat for a few days. You’d feel a bit sluggish, right? Today I'll demonstrate how we cut off the food source for algae and make them feel "the blues."

Botryococcus Thumb

Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Botryococcus, A Fascinating Film!

Today we're talking about the fascinating film called botryococcus. Learn how it floats on the surface and produces its vibrant colors!


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Aphanizomenon or "Chopped Grass"

This bacterium can produce a long list of toxins, so be on the lookout for it! Today we'll discuss how to identify and control it.


Algae Corner: Invasive Algae Alert!

Starry Stonewort (or Nitellopsis obtusa) is taking over lakes in the United States. Have you seen this invasive algae species?


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - The Bird Bath Algae, Haematococcous

Today we're talking about the bird bath alga known as haematococcus pluvialis. Unlike many algae, this antioxidant-rich species actually has health benefits!


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - The World's Fastest Carnivorous Plant, Bladderwort

Today, we're talking about the world's fastest carnivorous plant known as bladderwort. It can completely trap its prey in 9 milliseconds - over 100x faster than the Venus flytrap!


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Hyalotheca

Hyalotheca has a beautiful appearance, some unique defense strategies, and highly effective methods to move from one water body to the next. Learn more about this super spreading algae in today's episode.


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - True Aquatic Moss / Bryophyta

Many people may call algal mats or scums on their pond "moss", but moss is very different than algae! Today we'll take a look at this plant in the phylum Bryophyta.


Algae Corner Fan Letter: How Do You Fix Algae In Ponds?

A common question we’re asked here at SePRO is: “How do you fix algae in ponds?” Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every site is a little different, and we'll discuss that in today's episode.


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Amazing Amoebas

Today we'll take a look at these microscopic shape-shifting creatures that have some pretty interesting behaviors!


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - The World's Smallest Flowering Plant, Watermeal

Today we'll be talking about the world's smallest flowering plant. It's so small that it would take about 5,000 of them just to fill a thimble! In large groups it's often confused with algae.


Algae Corner: Algae, Algae Everywhere!

There are algae that grow just about everywhere you look! I have to warn you, after watching this episode, you may just start to see algae, algae everywhere, like I do.


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Mites With Bite

Today we're talking about a creepy piercer predator that often feeds on insect larva and crustaceans. They're tiny arthropod animals that look a lot like tiny spiders. Let's check it out under the microscope!


Algae Corner Fan Letter: Why Shouldn't I Use Straw to Control Algae?

In today's episode, we'll examine the problems associated with using straw to control algae, including bacterial growth and chemical production.


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Elephant Snot / Mougeotia

Today's "What Is It" episode of Algae Corner is on Elephant Snot, also known as Mougeotia. It's sort of light and bubbly, and sort of looks and feels like snot, hence the name. We'll help you identify and control it if it gets out of hand.


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Water Net / Hydrodictyon

Hydrodictyon is also known as water net. This is a neat filamentous green alga classified in the division Chlorophyta. Today we'll talk about what they look like, how to identify them, and how to control them if they get out of hand.


Algae Corner Fan Letter: Does Copper Kill Fish?

Copper algaecides can be used very safely by following the EPA-approved label instructions. In today's episode, we'll discuss the well-documented safety of copper in addition to exploring a much more common culprit for fish kills.


Algae Corner Fan Letter: Why Do I Have Algae?

Water and sunlight are the perfect recipe for algal growth. It's nearly impossible to keep algae out of your lake or pond! Fortunately, we have some tips and ideas for you.


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Rotifers

Today's "What Is It?" episode is about the world's smallest animal! Also known as "wheel animals," these tiny organisms will feed on anything and everything.


Aquashade Mini-Series: Let's Throw Some Shade (On Algae)

In this key episode of our mini-series event on Aquashade, we actually want to throw some shade (Aquashade, that is) on algae. We have some neat field results to share with you, to demonstrate what's happening both visually and behind-the-scenes. We'll take a deep dive, and zoom into that water.


Algae Corner: "What Is It?" - Spirogyra

On this "What is it?" episode of Algae Corner, we're talking about silk algae or spirogyra. It's sort of slippery feeling, hence the name silk algae. It can form mats or clumps, and if it gets out of control it can clog up your water resource significantly.


Algae Corner: Introducing the "What Is It?" Mini-Series

At SePRO, we get all sorts of samples and pictures from aquatic systems all over the country. In "What Is It?" I'll be sharing some of those with you, in quick, informative, short episodes highlighting a unique aquatic growth.


Aquashade Mini-Series: Make Them Fight in the Shade

We are in a constant battle with nuisance and toxic algae. They're taking over waters across the globe. The first thing we should do is make them fight in the shade. In today's episode we'll discuss why focusing on light gives us an advantage in controlling these algae.


Aquashade Mini-Series: Flip the Switch on Algae

Today we're talking about flipping the switch on algae. Just like tripping a circuit breaker or flipping a light switch, we have a way to cut off the power source that algae need in order to grow.


Aquashade Mini-Series: The "Sonar" for Algae

Sonar is the go-to product for aquatic weed control in waterbodies, and it can be used to manage weeds any time of year. But is there a "Sonar" (a proactive, long term solution) for algae? We'll discuss in today's episode!


Aquashade Mini-Series: The Basics

In this episode we're introducing a mini-series about Aquashade® Aquatic Plant Growth Control. Learn how Aquashade can help in the fight against nuisance weeds and algae, while making your pond look beautiful in the process.


Algae Corner: Introducing EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology

EutroSORB fits a critical need in water resource management programs, which I will explain in today’s episode.


Algae Corner: Aquashade – The Key Tool for Pond Management

Aquashade is a specific blend of US EPA-registered dyes that block wavelengths of light that nuisance plants and algae use to grow. So get out, pour in some Aquashade, shade out those nuisance plants and algae, and get your pond in much better shape this season.

Captain XTR.jpg

Algae Corner: Captain XTR Research Update

Today we’re going to cover a research update on Captain XTR. Specifically, we’ll go through some of the peer-reviewed studies and scientific literature that’s been published on Captain XTR. The key goal here is to help you understand how Captain XTR can be used in aquatic systems and how efficient and effective it can be in a wide array of algal species in a variety of sites.


Algae Corner: Introducing EutroSORB

Today we're going to take a look at EutroSORB, which is a novel solution to filter phosphorus out of water, stop the eutrophication process, and protect and restore water quality.


Algae Corner: Algae After Dark

In today's special episode of Algae Corner: Algae After Dark, we're going to take a look at the ways different algae reproduce.


Algae Corner: Why Algaecides Aren't Scary

Welcome to this critically important episode on why algaecides aren't scary. What we want to talk about today is specific US EPA-approved algaecides and how they can be efficient, effective, and ecologically-friendly tools in the fight against nuisance algae and toxic algae.


Algae Corner: Microscope Creatures

Today we are going to share a little snapshot of many different creatures that are common in lakes and ponds.


Algae Corner: Initial On-Site Assessment

What we’re covering today are On-Site Assessments. We’re going to look at some questions to ask and things to look for when you go to a specific site in order to help us develop a prescription for that site.


Algae Corner: Taste & Odor Issues Associated with Algae

Today we're talking about taste and odor issues associated with algae. What are they? How many different types of tastes and odor compounds exist and which algae produce them? What types of water resources can have these issues? We'll cover these topics and more!


Algae Corner: What the Film?

Today we're going to talk about the different types of surface films you may see on top of the water. We'll look at some of the things that may specifically cause that surface film and discuss ways you can clear it up.


Algae Corner: Using the "Jar Test" to Assess Your Water Quality

Today we're going to demonstrate a simple water test you can do with just a clear jar! Over time, your water may become cloudy, murky, or turbid. By taking a sample and allowing it to sit for a 24-hour period, you can gain a lot of information about what could be causing your water quality and clarity issues.


Algae Corner: Identifying Weeds & Algae by Look and Feel

Today, we're going to visit a pond, pick some weeds and algae out of the water, and identify them. By knowing what you have growing in your pond, you can determine the best treatment options.


Algae Corner: Promoting Healthy Fisheries

Today, we're going to discuss the key elements of healthy fisheries and the types of algae that support a healthy ecosystem.


Algae Corner: Fish Kill Causes


Algae Corner: Top Questions to Ask When Dealing with a Fish Kill


Algae Corner: The Power of Peroxide with PAK 27


Algae Corner: SePRO Laboratory Services Overview


Algae Corner: The Problem With Phosphorus


Algae Corner: Algae or Not?


Algae Corner: Why SePRO Offers Laboratory Services


Algae Corner: Name That Algae


Algae Corner: Toxic Algae & Closed Water Bodies


Algae Corner: Toxic, Noxious, and Smelly Algae (part 2)


Algae Corner: Toxic, Noxious, and Smelly Algae (part 1)


Algae Corner: Controlling Algae and Improving Water Quality with SeClear

How to get rid of algae in ponds


Algae Corner: How to Identify Different Algae Types


Algae Corner: Controlling Tough Algae with Captain XTR


Algae Corner: Growth Factors & Seasonality


Algae Corner: Where Do Algae Come From?


Algae Corner: What are Algae?