Product Overview

While each Sonar (a.i. fluridone) formulation provides applicators an abundance of options when seeking to control nuisance aquatic vegetation in a variety of treatment situations, Sonar PR brings improved efficacy, broader treatment sites, and increased monitoring capability to Sonar’s product line.

Precise, predictable control in a wide range of water bodies

Sonar PR Aquatic Herbicide provides a fast, predictable release of active ingredient in a convenient and economical formulation and allows for the precise management of aquatic vegetation in freshwater ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals, irrigation canals, and rivers.

Sonar PR:

  • Delivers a higher initial active ingredient concentration than Sonar SRP
  • Maintains a higher concentration for a longer period of time after the initial application than both Sonar A.S. and SRP
  • Provides improved efficacy in challenging situations such as aquatic situations with dilution, flow, or more tolerant target plants
  • Improves treatment monitoring options and increases control of more tolerant plants, with more active ingredient is available throughout the treatment period
  • Presents a maximum amount of active ingredient for absorption by the target plants
  • Increases the release rate from the bottom of the water column where it is already less susceptible to photodegradation

Sonar Formulations Offer Choices

Our abundance of Sonar formulations allows us to provide applicators the options they need for controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation in a variety of treatment situations. Please see the Sonar PR label for an outline of vascular aquatic plants controlled, partially controlled, and not controlled by Sonar. Algae (Chara, nitella, filamentous species) are not controlled by Sonar. The selectivity of Sonar PR is dependent upon dosage, time of year, stage of growth, the method of application, and water movement.

For more information

For more information about Sonar PR Aquatic Herbicide, help to determine your plants’ susceptibility, or assistance in designing a treatment prescription, contact a SePRO Technical Specialist.

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