Product Overview

More Precise
Easier to measure, dose, and less to rinse.  Save money.
Infinitely Stable
A formulation that will not settle.
Extended Weed Control
Easily fits into any management program.  Add up to 1 PDU per acre foot in every tank.
Highest active ingredient formulation
60% less weight
Sonar Technical Recommendations
North Use Pattern
PDUs per acre feet
• 1 PDU with 1 gallon of Littora® (diquat) and 2 gallons of Komeen®
• Either 0.5 PDUs every two weeks or 1.0 PDU every month; add algae control as needed.
• No Littora® (diquat) needed after first application
South Use Pattern
PDUs per acre feet
• 1 PDU with 1 gallon of Littora (diquat) and 2 gallons of Komeen
• 1 PDU with algaecide as needed 2 weeks later
• 0.5 PDU every two weeks for the next 2 months plus algaecide as needed
• No Littora (diquat) is needed after first application

Labels and SDS

Specimen Label

Safety Data Sheet

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