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Oasis Herbicide is an innovative mode of action in aquatic vegetation management, providing targeted hydrilla control with selectivity to many desirable species. The mode of action of the active ingredient topramezone is HPPD (p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase) inhibition, which results in loss of chlorophyll (‘bleaching’) of new growth of sensitive aquatic plants such as hydrilla and gradual control of established biomass present at the time of treatment.

The unique mode of action of Oasis makes it a great choice as part of an herbicide rotation program for hydrilla management. In addition, Oasis has shown good control of other troublesome invasive species such as water hyacinth. Oasis may be applied in-water to a variety of aquatic sites including ponds, lakes, and reservoirs for the control of hydrilla; applied as a foliar application to floating and emergent plants or applied as a pre-emergent application to dewatered sediments of seasonally-flooded sites including ditches and canals for post-refill control of nuisance vegetation.

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