Aquashade Mini-Series: The Basics

Welcome to this overview episode on an awesome technology called Aquashade.

In this episode, we are going to cover some of the basics about this technology, but there's so much more behind it. It can help in the fight against nuisance weeds and algae, along with making your pond beautiful in the process. That’s why we created multiple, more focused episodes on the science behind Aquashade.

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What is Aquashade?

Aquashade is a special blend of multiple dyes specifically designed to control nuisance plant and algal growth in water bodies. It self-disperses rapidly and provides a beautiful looking pond. It is registered and approved for use by the EPA in most lakes and ponds, and the dyes in it are generally recognized as safe and food-grade classified according to the FDA.

How Does Aquashade Work?

Quite simply, it works by controlling the sun, blocking the energy source for those nuisance plants and algae. This can alter how fast they can grow and how much biomass they can achieve. Sunlight is the key driver for photosynthesis, and by altering that, we can proactively solve problems in the water resource.

Is the water safe to use?

Yes, kids and pets can go swimming in water treated with Aquashade. Livestock can drink it. You can irrigate out of it. The water is very safe to use. We just ask that you give it about an hour to fully disperse before you actually use the water. Aquashade makes the water much safer by proactively offsetting those nuisance and toxic algal blooms.

What makes Aquashade different?

Not all dyes are created equal. Aquashade is registered with the EPA. Most other dyes aren't, and actually can't claim algae and weed control. The ratio of dyes in Aquashade and the specific blend of those dyes is designed differently and better than other products out there.

In a future episode, we’ll show you the differences between Aquashade and other products. We’ll talk about why we chose those dyes, how we determined the ratio, and how specifically that lines up to those algal pigments.

Other dyes are usually much more diluted or watered down than Aquashade, so don't be fooled. The concentrations in Aquashade and Aquashade Plus are confirmed. They're inspected, and they're extremely, extremely high, because it is registered and the formulation always has to be right on target.

The dyes we use are from a known and stable source with great purity, and they don't break down with time. So other dyes, which are not as pure, break down quite quickly. Aquashade can last for months out in your water body.

In Summary

I've been working with Aquashade for well over a decade, going back to my Clemson days in graduate school (go Tigers!) and it's an awesome technology. It's specifically designed to proactively solve some serious weed and algal issues out there.

To help you understand what Aquashade is all about, and how it can help you manage your water, we’ve created a five-part mini-series event just on Aquashade, where we delve into different distinct aspects of it: the science behind it, the premise behind it, how/why it works so well, and the overall benefits. We hope this mini-series will help explain why you should be incorporating this into your management regime.

So please plan to watch the next five episodes. They're very short, but very powerful and informative. You won't be disappointed, and they will certainly help you make that informed decision regarding the best technology to help take care of your pond this year.

Thank you for your time, and as always, thanks for watching Algae Corner!