Product Overview

Cutless QuickStop™ is a foliar landscape plant growth regulator that reduces trimming requirements 30-70% and improves the aesthetic appeal of landscapes. Cutless QuickStop™ works rapidly to suppress terminal growth in established ornamental plants, leading to more compact growth that requires less trimming. Additionally, treated plants will demonstrate darker green foliage. Cutless QuickStop™ saves labor and beautifies landscapes. 

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Immediate reduction in trimming labor
Effective on a wide range of species ensures consistent regulation across your landscape
Several months of regulation means fewer applications for better results
Cost Effective
Save 30 - 70% on trimming labor
Low phytotoxicity potential—you don’t have to sacrifice plant appearance
Residue Free
No unsightly residue following application

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Application Guidelines

Cutless QuickStop is a foliar landscape plant growth regulator that suppresses terminal growth in established woody ornamental plants and perennial ground covers. Treated plants require less trimming and exhibit a more compact growth form. Proper site selection, product application, and rate selection will reduce labor costs and improve plant appearance.

Site Selection

  • Plant material should be growing and healthy before application.
  • Plant material that requires frequent pruning, highly detailed trimming, or is located in a difficult to access or potentially hazardous area provides the best opportunity for labor savings and tangible benefits.
  • Use caution when treating flowering plants. Conduct a small-scale test to ensure safety.


  • Visible effects of regulation will vary by species and location. A response can be seen in most species within 1 to 2 weeks after treatment.
  • Duration of growth suppression will vary depending upon plant species rate, and trimming schedule.
  • Cutless QuickStop will be most effective when applied to new growth, including young foliage and non-woody stems.
  • Regulated plants will continue to grow, although at a much slower rate.
  • Species will exhibit darker green foliage.
  • Even coverage is important for consistent regulation. If applied unevenly, non-uniform regulation can be expected.
  • Trimming schedule must be significantly reduced to realize labor savings. Often only hand shears are needed to remove ‘whips’—axillary buds or root suckers that have escaped regulation.


  • Determine the total volume of mixed solution to apply based on the total surface area of plant material—1 gallon of mixed solution will treat 300 - 600 ft2 of plant surface area.
    • Fill spray tank to ½ the final volume with clean water.
  • Add the correct amount of Cutless QuickStop to the spray tank.
  • Fill spray tank to final volume with clean water.
  • If backpack equipment is used, shake the spray tank to ensure thorough mixing and repeat every few minutes while applying to maintain a uniform solution mixture. If power equipment is used, agitate continuously.

Application Timing and Methods

  • For best results apply Cutless QuickStop immediately after trimming and at least 2 hours before rainfall or irrigation.
  • Apply spray uniformly over plant foliage and stems to the point of but before solution excessively dripping from the plant.
  • Use low pressure and coarse spray to prevent drift to non-target plants.
  • Trimming after applications have been made will significantly reduce the amount and duration of growth regulation observed.
  • To avoid over-application, make repeat applications only after growth regulation begins to decline from the desired level.

Rate Determination

  • The rates listed below are guidelines. Plant response to Cutless QuickStop is dependent on species and location.

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