Product Overview

Cutless Granular is a grower’s top solution to reducing labor input while growing a higher quality plant that is sellable throughout the season. The easy-to-apply granule reduces internode elongation to the point where multiple pruning/shearing events can be eliminated, providing significant cost savings. Eliminating the need to prune/shear allows the plants to be in a sellable condition all season long. Cutless Granular treated plants display a desirable compact appearance, darker green foliage and in some species, Cutless Granular enhances flowering.

Reduces the need to shear/prune
Save labor and money
Increases flowering and overall plant quality
Plants are saleable at all times
Improves plant health
Higher tolerance to pests and environmental stresses
Cutless 0.33G - Hort Quick Facts
Use Sites
Greenhouses/Shadehouses, Outdoor Nurseries
Ornamentals such as perennials, container ornamentals and shrubs
Recommended Rate
<strong>Perennial herbaceous ornamentals and ground covers:</strong> 0.05 - 1.75 grams/pot <br> <strong>Perennial woody ornamentals and ground covers:</strong> 0.15 - 4.6 grams/pot
Restricted-Entry Interval (REI)
Active Ingredient
Mode of Action (PGR Class)
Gibberellic acid biosynthesis inhibitor (Class B)

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