Product Overview

Available in both a liquid (Cutless MEC) and dry (Cutless 50W) formulation, Cutless remains the premier PGR for providing unsurpassed turf quality and Poa annua conversion in both cool- and warm-season turf. 

Cutless consistently performs at the highest level to reduce shoot growth and clipping yield, resulting in improved aesthetics and playability. Additionally, Cutless provides many plant health and stress tolerance benefits.

Enhances turf color and quality
Improves playability, striping, and overall aesthetics
Minimal impact to seed germination
No need to delay applications around interseeding.Application to overseeded turf should be avoided 14 days prior to and after seed germination.
Suppresses Dollar Spot
Outbreaks will be less severe and less frequent
Efficient, controlled Poa annua suppression and conversion
Allows for flexibility in Poa suppression and conversion aggressiveness
Reduces turfgrass water use
Preserves Earth's most previous resource... and your budget!
Does not inhibit lateral regrowth
Rapid recovery of divots, ball marks, and aerification holes.

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Labels and SDS

Cutless MEC Specimen Label

Cutless MEC Safety Data Sheet

Cutless 50W Specimen Label

Cutless 50W Safety Data Sheet


Cutless is the Go-To for Skokie Country Club

Don Cross, CGCS at Skokie Country Club, saves time, money, and labor with Cutless. He cut back on mowing fairways by over 50%, eliminated Poa annua and kept his fairways firm and fast. Listen to Don’s secrets below.

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