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A Preview of Golf Course Water Management

We're excited to introduce a brand new series about golf course water management!

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An Introduction to Golf Course Irrigation

There are many reasons why the quality of your irrigation water is so important.

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Why You Need to Manage Golf Course Irrigation Water

It's important to understand why you need to manage golf course irrigation water.

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Approaches to Managing Golf Course Irrigation Water

Today we're discussing both proactive and reactive approaches to managing golf course irrigation water.

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Options for Shoreline Weed Control

In this episode we'll cover options for vegetation control along your shoreline.

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SonarOne for Aquatic Weed Control

SonarOne is a perfect formulation to use in an irrigation system within a golf course.

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Poor Water Quality not only looks bad for your patron, but can adversely affect your turfs health.

SePRO’s new video series will help educate and take the guess work out of caring for one of your most valuable assets as a Golf Course Superintendent.

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