Product Overview

New Herbicide for Permanent Crops with a New Mode of Action

Although new to most permanent crop growers, the active ingredient in Brake On! herbicide has been used successfully in cotton the past several years.  Research in permanent crops began shortly thereafter with the goal of understanding the spectrum of weeds controlled, generating crop selectivity data, and establishing MRLs for these markets. 


Unique Mode of Action

Brake On! has a unique mode of action relative to all other residual herbicides used in permanent crops.  Categorized as a HRAC Group 12, it inhibits phytoene desaturase (PDS), an enzyme necessary for carotenoid biosynthesis.  Lack of carotenoids causes bleaching in susceptible plant species.  Brake On! is taken up by the roots and readily translocated making it ideally suited for preemergence use.  It controls a broad spectrum of annual grass and broadleaf weeds, including weeds that have developed resistance to other herbicides.

This unique mode of action makes Brake On! a perfect tank-mix partner for other residual herbicides, and a rotational option in many IPM programs.  Including Brake On! in your program helps protect against the development of resistance and broadens the spectrum of weeds controlled, making your program more effective and sustainable.


Broad-spectrum Weed Control

The table below lists many of the weeds controlled by Brake On! herbicide.  For the most comprehensive and up to date information, be sure and consult the product label as new research will expand this list quickly.  Tank-mixing with complementary products will also increase the spectrum of control.


Extended Performance Under Irrigated/Wet Conditions

Research has shown irrigation or wet soil conditions lengthen weed control provided by Brake® On! (patent pending).  The figure below shows significantly greater weed control in irrigated treatments compared to non-irrigated treatments across six rates.  Irrigation was initiated 139 days after treatment (DAT) and consisted of a half inch irrigation per week for five weeks.


Crisp Weed Control, without Frying your Crop

Brake On! herbicide delivers all this performance, without exerting undue stress on your crop.  Numerous trials over the past several seasons demonstrates lack of phytotoxicity across a broad-spectrum of crops at various rate ranges.  SePRO encourages growers to test Brake On! on a portion of their acres prior to complete adoption.  The table below summarizes selectivity trials on various crops, across numerous growth stages and across different climatic conditions.


The Bottom Line

Brake On! herbicide benefits your residual weed control program in several ways:

  • Unique mode of action to manage weed resistance, ensuring a sustainable program over time
  • Broad-spectrum, season long control frees you up to manage other aspects of your operation
  • Performs well in irrigated or wet conditions when other herbicides may fade
  • Outstanding crop safety ensures your rows stay clean, and your crop stays green

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