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For over 20 years, SePRO Corporation has developed novel and innovative technologies focused on advancing the science of aquatic plant management.  With a growing demand for enhanced solutions to address all components of water resource management (algae, aquatic plants and water quality), SePRO Corporation has established a new business division to provide advanced assessment and management technologies for restoring water quality in surface waters. With the introduction of Phoslock® Phosphorus Locking Technology, and SeSCRIPT* Algae and Water Quality Analytical Services, SePRO Corporation now provides new and innovative solutions for advancing the science of water quality restoration.


Remove Phosphorus. Restore Water Quality.
Excessive levels of phosphorus seriously degrade aquatic ecosystems and impair the use of water for aesthetics, drinking, irrigation, aquaculture and recreation. Poor water quality, taste and odor issues, and exceeding federal and state water quality standards, are some of the negative results that can occur due to the accumulation and recycling of phosphorus in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

Phoslock Phosphorus Locking Technology


Water Quality Assessment and Restoration
Implementing advanced monitoring, assessment and management technologies is essential to preserving and restoring our valuable water resources. Phoslock coupled with the advanced algae and water quality analytical services of SeSCRIPT, provides a comprehensive assessment, prescription and implementation system for removing excessive phosphorus and restoring water quality.

SeSCRIPT Analysis


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