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SePRO Corporation is proud to introduce the latest advancement in Sonar formulation innovation…

  • ONE application for most pond situations
  • ONE Sonar formulation for lakes and reservoirs
  • ONE solution for your treatment programs

SonarOne is an herbicide for the management of aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals, irrigation canals and rivers.

SonarOne Release ProfileSonarOne has a unique release profile that results in a quick initial target dose of Sonar followed by an excellent sustained dose.

Sonar is the world's leading brand of aquatic herbicide for the selective, long-term control of undesirable aquatic vegetation. With an unmatched dedication to advancing the science of aquatic plant management, SePRO researchers have integrated 15 years of research, field expertise and formulation innovation into ONE easy-to-use Sonar pellet. SonarOne is a patented formulation designed to allow you to create a prescription that targets and sustains the desired Sonar concentration necessary for routine or precise aquatic plant management programs.

Where to buy: To purchase SonarOne Aquatic Herbicide, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist or SePRO Corporation at 800-419-7779. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.

SonarOne* Aquatic Herbicide



SonarOne Specimen Label (PDF)

SonarOne Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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