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PAK 27 is an effective and environmental compatible algaecide that can be used as both a selective and broad-spectrum algae control solution.

  • Selective control of many cyanobacteria/bluegreen algae
  • Control of sensitive green algae and diatoms
  • Integrated with Captain* XTR or other SePRO algaecides to optimize the control of tough to control algae
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified for use in drinking water supplies at maximum-labeled rates
  • Organic Materials Reviews Institute (OMRI) certified for Organic use.
  • U.S. EPA registered algaecide/algaestat

PAK 27 may also be used with Phoslock® phosphorus locking technology to provide an integrated approach for the control of nuisance algae and reduction of phosphorus pollution.

Waters treated with PAK 27 can be used during and after application for swimming, fishing, drinking, and irrigation.


OMRI NSF PAK 27 is Organic Materials Reviews Institute (OMRI) certified for Organic use.

Where to buy: To purchase PAK 27 Algaecide, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist or SePRO Authorized Agent. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.


PAK 27 Label (PDF)

PAK 27 Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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