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For effective control of whiteflies, fungus gnats, leafminers, thrips, aphids and other pests in greenhouses...incorporate Ornazin into your IPM and resistance management programs.

Effective as an insect growth regulator (IGR), effective as an antifeedant, effective as an insect repellent, Ornazin works better. Ornazin is practically odorless with a superior formulation that stays in suspension and doesn't clog sprayers. Proven to be non-phytotoxic on most plants, safe to beneficials and a valuable addition to any IPM and resistance program, Ornazin works better.

Active ingredient: Azadirachtin

Mode of action: Ornazin Botanical Insecticide contains azadirachtin, a natural insect growth regulator extracted from the seeds of the tropical Neem tree (Azadirachta indica). This IGR interferes with the insect's key molting hormone, ecdysone. Azadirachtin disrupts hormonal activity in the quiescent pupal stage and prevents adult emergence very effectively. Generally, other insecticides do little or nothing to control the pupal stage. While azadirachtin does not kill adults, it is known to repel and in some cases reduce egg laying and hatch.

Where to buy: To purchase Ornazin Botanical Insecticide, contact your SePRO sales rep or distributor. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.

Ornazin application use and tips sheet (PDF)

Ornazin Specimen Label (PDF)

Ornazin Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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