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October 6, 2011

Contact: Todd Bunnell, Ph.D., T&O Research Manager/Golf Market Manager, 317-216-5667 or
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SePRO Restricts the Use of Hachi-Hachi® Insecticide on Poinsettias with Bracts in Color

Carmel, IN –Since its launch, Hachi-Hachi has proven to be a very effective and efficacious insecticide for Western Flower Thrips, Aphid and other foliar feeding insects.  Prior to launch, SePRO was aware of potential injury to impatiens and New Guinea impatiens.  Thus, the label restricted the use of the product on these crops.  Additionally, through grower trials and internal and external replicated research trials, SePRO discovered that Salvia species and Gypsophilla species can also be injured.  SePRO has submitted label changes to EPA restricting use of Hachi-Hachi on these crops.  Additional species were discovered that also had some temporary injury, these include ageratum, colocasia, geranium, lobelia, pansy (flowers), verbena, and vinca. Note—as the label indicates, it is important that growers initiate small scale trials under their local conditions on all crops prior to broad scale use. 

Currently, the Hachi-Hachi label lists poinsettias as an approved crop for application based on trials on a limited number of poinsettia cultivars, with bracts not in color.  With limited data on poinsettias with bracts in color, SePRO proactively initiated University research trials with Hachi-Hachi on a wide range of poinsettia cultivars with bracts in color.  Results are showing sensitivities of some colored bracts of poinsettia cultivars at labeled rates of Hachi-Hachi (see images below).  With the large number of poinsettia cultivars grown under a wide range of conditions, SePRO is voluntarily restricting the use of Hachi-Hachi on poinsettias with bracts in color.  A label change cannot be made in time to properly distribute this message to growers.  Therefore, communications direct to growers, SePRO distributors, University Extension Agents, and other industry personnel will be required to proactively communicate this restriction of Hachi-Hachi on poinsettias with bracts in color.

SePRO remains committed to evaluating Hachi-Hachi on a wide range of crop species through internal, external, grower and IR-4 research trials and will share those research results as they come available.  Please contact SePRO or your local SePRO representative with any additional questions.

Images showing injury to poinsettia bracts following applications of Hachi-Hachi

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