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Date: February 1, 2003
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New Sonar* Quick Release* introduced by SePRO Corporation
February 1, 2003 -SePRO Corporation introduces Sonar* Quick Release* aquatic herbicide, the fastest releasing Sonar pellet in a quick, easy-to-apply formulation.

Sonar Quick Release, the latest innovation of the Sonar brand, accelerates the release of Sonar concentrations into the water column. Formulated as a 5% active ingredient on a 1/8-inch diameter granular pellet, Sonar Q quickly expands for an accelerated release providing better control in ponds with muck sediments and high organic content.

When used in ponds, Sonar Q releases a higher amount of active ingredient into the plant than other Sonar pellet formulations in a shorter amount of time. Concentrations of Sonar Q can be tested through the use of FasTEST* increasing the threshold dose and efficacy rate.

"The Sonar Q pellet begins the degradation process immediately upon contact with the water. Once submerged the Sonar Quick Release pellet swells and expands, transforming the pellet into a buoyant composition that will rest on top of soft muck bottom sediments," says Mark Mongin, SePRO Business Manager, Aquatic Speciality Products.

"Sonar Q has the efficient concentration level of a liquid, but provides for more accurate placement. The pellets will land where you throw them, eliminating overspray onto sensitive shoreline vegetation like lawns," Mongin adds.

In addition, the new formulation offers:
  • Properties that are more appropriate for treating stagnant water, or situations where herbicide dilution is a concern.
  • Higher available Sonar concentrations earlier in product's use than other pellet formulations, allowing for treatment timing that coincides with periods of maximum plant growth.
  • Time and labor savings compared to liquid because more ponds may be treated in less time.
  • Enhanced release off of muck sediments, allowing greater product control of nuisance aquatic plants.
  • The pellet formulation can be applied with the new premeasured "Quick Scoop," which eliminates the use of backpacks and minimizes clean up.
  • The precise placement of Sonar Q reduces the chance of drift and overspray.
  • There is less chance for UV light degradation because Sonar Q is immediately carried to the bottom of the waterbody.
"Dedicated to advancing the science of aquatic plant management, SePRO has conducted over six years of extensive research on product formulations, release rates and pond sediment, to discover how these three critical factors affect plant control," says Mark Heilman, SePRO's Aquatics Technology Leader. "Sonar Q is the culmination of this research and has received product registration from the Environmental Protection Agency," he adds.

For more information about new Sonar Quick Release aquatic herbicide, contact Mark Mongin, SePRO Business Manager, Aquatic Speciality Products,, (317) 216-8312, or call SePRO at 1-800-419-7779. Visit the SePRO web site at
* Trademarks of SePRO Corporation.
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* Trademarks of SePRO Corporation.
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