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January 26, 2012


Roger Storey, Vice President, Turf & Ornamental Business, 317-216-8366,

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SePRO Corporation Introduces New Preferal™ Biological Insecticide

Carmel, IN –SePRO Corporation is proud to announce that it will introduce New Preferal Biological Insecticide to the U.S. commercial greenhouse, nursery and landscape markets.  Preferalis a biological insecticide containing blastospores of a naturally-occurring strain of the fungus Isaria fumosoroseus which has demonstrated very good control of whitefly, aphid, thrips and spider mites.  Dr. Lance S. Osborne, with the University of Florida, isolated Isaria fumosoroseus.  Certis USA, which licensed the technology from the University of Florida, has entered into a marketing and supply agreement with SePRO to market and further develop Isaria fumosoroseus in the U.S. greenhouse, nursery, landscape and turf markets. 

Preferal is being used successfully by European growers today in Integrated Pest Management programs to provide excellent control of all life stages of whitefly.  Preferal is formulated as a water dispersible granule that is mixed with water and applied as a spray.  Spores of Preferal then attach and penetrate the cuticle of targeted insect pests.  The fungus grows inside the insect, causing its death.  Under favorable environmental conditions, the fungus will emerge from killed insects to re-release more viable spores to sustain further infections in other insects. 

“Preferal Biological Insecticide is another example of SePRO’s commitment to bringing exciting new technologies and solutions to meet market place needs.  Preferal will provide growers an effective insecticide that is not likely to develop resistance and is completely safe and compatible with beneficial and pollinator insects.  Perferal will be a great addition to SePRO’s ornamental product line and will complement Talus® Insect Growth Regulator and Ornazin® Insecticide which are well known for their compatibility with beneficial insects and Integrated Pest Management Programs.” said Roger Storey, Vice President, Turf & Ornamental Business Unit, SePRO Corporation. 

About Certis USA
Headquartered in Columbia, MD, Certis USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the largest line of biopesticide products for specialty agricultural, horticultural and home and garden markets. Certis USA products include insecticides, insect growth regulators, fungicides, herbicides and nematicides.

About SePRO
SePRO Corporation is a research based Life Sciences Company, focused on the Specialty Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.  SePRO is recognized as an industry leader in providing the highest level of technical service to customers who operate in specialty niche markets.  SePRO’s key business segments include the U.S. Aquatics Industry, Greenhouse/Nursery markets, Professional Turf/Landscape Management and operates as ParaPRO, LLC in Pharmaceutical markets.

To learn more about SePRO products and services for the Turf & Ornamental, Aquatics and Lawn and Landscape markets, visit or call 1-800-419-7779.

Perferal is a trademark of Certis USA, LLC. Talus is a registered trademark of Nichino America, Inc. Ornazin is a registered trademark of AMVAC Chemical Corporation. ©Copyright 2012 SePRO Corporation.


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