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Aquatic Links:
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
Aquatic Plant Management Society
Center for Invasive Plant Management
Fact Sheets and Weed Alerts
Florida Center for Aquatic Plants
Invasive Plants of the Eastern United States
North American Lake Management Society
State Noxious Weeds List
US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station
US Department of Agriculture
Washington State Department of Ecology
Horticultural Links:
North Carolina State University
Cornell University
Michigan State University
Ohio State University
Texas A&M University
Penn State University
University of Florida
Kansas State University
Purdue University
Auburn University
Oregon State University
Iowa State University
University of California-Davis
University of Wisconsin
University of Kentucky
"Grower Friendly" Resources
The Ohio State Database
Texas A&M Horticulture
Univ. of Massachusetts Floral Facts
Rutgers Floriculture Extension
Purdue Floriculture Extension
The Paul Ecke Ranch
Ohio Florists' Association
Southeast Greenhouse Conference
Society of American Florists
Ohio Nursery & Landscape Assoc.
California Association of Nurserymen
Trade Publications
Grower Talks Magazine
Greenhouse Grower Magazine
Greenhouse Product News Magazine
GM Pro and NM Pro
Pest Management
Ecke Ranch Technical Help
Insect & Mite Control Chart
Insect & Mite Picture Gallery
Ornamental & Turf Insect Notes
Featured Creatures
Northeast Greenhouse IPM Notes
Dr. Charles Powell
Chase Research Gardens
The Floriculture Information Center
Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS)
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