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Invasive species like phragmites, water hyacinth, torpedograss, melaleuca, saltcedar and purple loosestrife infest vast expanses of aquatic environments and riparian areas nationwide causing extensive damage and costing millions of dollars in control and restoration.

To help combat such problems, SePRO now offers Habitat herbicide, an innovative tool that helps protect and reclaim aquatic environments and riparian areas by improving habitat and raising land values for humans and wildlife alike.  Specially formulated for use in aquatic applications, Habitat is a very effective tool for long-term control of emergent, shoreline and wetland woody invasive species in or near water.

Habitat is designed to use less active ingredient and break down quickly, so it is effective at very low rates and puts less chemical load on the environment.  In addition, Habitat provides long-term control of many perennial species, reducing the need for frequent re-applications, and can provide cost-effective alternatives to other aquatic herbicides and vegetation management techniques.  It helps increase productivity, expand treatment programs to additional areas, and reclaim and maintain wetlands and waterways.

Habitat is labeled for application in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, seeps, drainage ditches, canals, reservoirs, swamps, bogs, marshes, estuaries, marine sites, bays, brackish water, transitional areas between terrestrial and aquatic sites and seasonal wet areas.

Because Habitat herbicide does not control plants that are completely submerged or have a majority of their foliage under water, the product must be applied to emergent foliage located above the water’s surface.  For maximum effectiveness, Habitat should be applied to weeds that are growing vigorously, using a spray solution that includes a surfactant.  It may be applied selectively, using a low-volume directed-application technique, or widely, using a broadcast technique involving ground equipment, watercraft or helicopter.

Where to buy: To purchase Habitat Aquatic Herbicide, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist or SePRO Authorized Agent. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.



Habitat Specimen Label (PDF)

Habitat Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


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