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What Top Superintendents are saying about Cutless
"Here at Merion Golf Club, our members are passionate about golf and the condition of our course, so we have an active Poa annua management program. We rely on Cutless* because it is highly effective in reducing Poa annua infestations in bentgrass fairways. My experience with Cutless is that it is less disruptive on the bentgrass, while being highly effective in reducing Poa annua populations. In addition to bentgrass conversion, Cutless also provides labor savings by reducing our mowing requirement. Cutless is a great product that I am glad to see SePRO bring back to the golf course market."

Matt Shaffer
Director of Golf Course Operations
Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, PA
"The Vineyards CC consist of two eighteen hole courses with approximately 290 acres of irrigated turf. With 13 operators, one irrigation technician and one pesticide tech per course, we were looking for ways to save on labor especially during the over-seeded winter season on our fairways. The Cutless*/Primo MAXX® tank-mix was applied the third week of February to our over-seeded fairways and to our astonishment we were able to obtain seven weeks control of our ryegrass over-seeding. There was a slight darker green appearance on the fairways and an even darker effect on the bermuda rough where there was an overspray of the fairways. I've never been one to publicly endorse products, but this Cutless*/Primo MAXX® tank-mix hit a home run with me."

Walter J. Owsiany, CGCS
Vineyards Country Club
Naples, FL
"Cutless* is the best there is for enhancing bentgrass and promoting bent to win the competition battle with Poa annua. After our conversion to bentgrass was complete, we continued to use Cutless at .5 lbs per acre per month to help reduce lush growth of the bentgrass, improve drought tolerance, reduce dollar spot disease, decrease clippings, reduce Poa annua competition and just improve the overall health of the turf."

Scott E. Niven, CGCS
The Stanwich Club
Greenwich, CT
"I saw no bronzing or discoloration after application. My turf actually became darker green during the 4 to 5 weeks of growth regulator activity and, for me, green is good. I made applications of Cutless* at 4 oz/A plus Primo MAXX® at 6 oz/A beginning in May and continuing until fall. I saw longer activity with the tank-mix than with Primo MAXX® applied alone at full rate, and turf density was excellent." When asked if he was going to use the tank-mix again this year, Tim said "Absolutely, it's part if my management program!"

Tim Haskins
Golf Course Superintendent
Pelican Sound Golf & River Club
Estero, FL
"I tried a tank-mix of Cutless plus Primo MAXX® on my GN-1 bermuda fairways last year and the results were dramatic! GN-1 is a very aggressive grass that grows at an astounding rate during the summer months. I used Cutless* at 4 oz/A tank-mixed with Primo MAXX® at 6 oz/A and saw a reduction in clippings and improvement in turf quality. This allowed me to mow only two times each week compared with three times required with Primo MAXX® used alone at full rate. This was especially helpful during the rainy season when we could not get out there to mow. Another thing I liked about the tank-mix is that it needs to be applied only every 5 to 6 weeks to get good results. I was able to maintain dense, very green turf throughout the growing season and liked every aspect of the tank-mix. I will definitely use Cutless* plus Primo MAXX® again this year."

Scott Davis
Golf Course Superintendent
The Strand Club
5800 Strand Blvd.
Naples, FL
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