The New Standard for Aquatic Weed Control in Canals

SePRO offers several treatment solutions to address annual aquatic weed and algae problems

Aquatic weed management has been conducted using various techniques in western irrigation for years. As with any industry, product and technology advancements allow for improved management practices. SePRO Corporation has been working closely with irrigation districts since 1998 to improve the tools and techniques available to manage aquatic weeds and algae in today’s regulatory environment.

SePRO Aquatic Specialists will work directly with your district to design an aquatic weed treatment program that incorporates Sonar*, Nautique*, Captain* and other tools as needed to meet your management objectives.

The New Standard

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Weed Guarantee
This guarantee example is for display purposes only. For a program specific New Standard Guarantee, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist.